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Newsletter – January to August 2013

Pongal Celebrations- Kolam festival. 2012 had been a year of practically no rain. Most people of the valley including us still grow rainfed crops and most crops had failed last year. But yet, the year started off festively and colourfully with the Pongal and kolam festivals. This time this entire event was initiated, organised and [...]

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Notes of Rolf and Susan, Volunteers from Switzerland.

Coming to Thulir We, Susan and Rolf, a couple from Switzerland, 43 and 53 years old, lived and volunteered for 6 weeks in Thulir from the 15th of November to the 29th of December 2012. I (Rolf) heard the first time of this place from a friend of Anu and Krishna three years ago. When [...]

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Notes from Florence Esmieu, Volunteer

 Overview of my stay in Thulir – an Alternative Education Centre October and November 2012 Florence Esmieu Series of questions and answers with Anu (co-founder of Thulir) with my added impressions and thoughts: 1) Is all theory taught through practice? Are there theory classes as well? How do you make the link between the two? [...]

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