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The Thulir Life Skills Course is a full time course for School drop outs above the age of 14. This Diary is a record of the course during the year 2009 -2010.

10 March 2010 diary

Science Day in Sittilingi Govt. High School The local Govt School headmaster requested Thulir to help their students put up a science exhibition in the school, 2 days before the event! Thulir students decided to take it as a challenge and after hectic preparations, prepared exhibits/ demonstrations and taught the school children how to demonstrate [...]

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09 February 2010 Diary

Bamboo and LED torch making workshop in Rishi Valley school Perumal and and vijayakumar went from Thulir along with Anu and Krishna to conduct a 5 day workshop in the Rural Education Centre run by Rishi Valley School. The aim was to introduce hands on work to class 6 students. The workshop focussed on making [...]

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08 January 2010 diary

Time for Harvest and Harvest Festival [Pongal!] The paddy test plot is finally ready for harvest. We get 4.5 kgs of paddy from half a cent land. This means we would have got an yield of 900 kgs of paddy per acre.  Close on heels of this harvest came the Pongal festival and in the [...]

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07 December 09 diary

Measuring areas: Having learnt basics of measurements and calculating areas and volumes, it is time now for learning to apply to real life situations [also to understand the concepts better!]. So we started with measuring the Volleyball court [see pic below]. The next stage was to measure the paddy field that we are levelling and [...]

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06 November 09 diary

Organic Farming: In September we had reported the enthusiastic work that started on a test plot for growing rice using alternative methods. The plot is doing well and the paddy growing healthily. Cow shed repairs: The onset of monsoons meant we had to prepare ourselves against the rains but also hope that we get enough [...]

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