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Newsletter June – Dec 2022

“The best thing that I saw at the Thulir cultural evening was this group of kindergarten children dancing away ( off stage, behind the audience!) to the songs that their seniors performed on stage. At that moment they did not worry about the world, they had no teachers to make them “behave”., and they weren’t […]

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Newsletter Jan-June 2022

It was a novelty to have children back in school full time from February! Looking back over the last two difficult and unusual years, one realises that good teamwork, community spirit and all your support have unleashed our creativity and resilience to the maximum. In fact, many new projects have sprouted in Thulir! Training of […]

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Newsletter June-Dec’21

Warmest wishes for health, healing, love, creativity and revival this new year! Children’ s voices and laughter … a song from the distance … the thud- thud of running feet … the rhythms of a dance somewhere … an adult admonishing someone … the rustle of the leaves… a dog barking joyfully… a calf calling […]

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Summary of Activities

Here is a summary of activities carried out by the Thulir team during the corona pandemic between Mar’20- Sep’21. Educational response during the pandemic This pandemic has deepened the urban-rural, educated-uneducated and digital-nondigital fissures among us. The disease spread has been more in urban areas than in rural areas but in many ways the rural […]

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Newsletter Jan – May’21

Coronavirus enters Sittilingi The dreaded virus that is holding the whole world to ransom has now entered Sittilingi Valley! It announced its arrival almost immediately with a death in the village. As we write this in the first week of June, there have been 6 Covid deaths in the valley and the hospital has seen […]

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Newsletter Jul-Dec’20

Hope all of you are healthy and well. As this year draws to a close, one only hopes this will be remembered as an unusual event and this will not become the norm in the future! “The real tragedy would be if we come through this pandemic without changing for the better. It would be […]

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Newsletter Jan-June 2020

Hope all of you are safe, well and healthy. This newsletter is an attempt to reach out to you in solidarity at a time when all of us, whoever we are and wherever we are in the world, are affected in varying degrees by the same microorganism! Our hearts go out as we pay homage […]

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Newsletter Jul’19 – Feb’20

Wishing you all a peaceful and meaningful 2020! New buds of Thulir This academic year, we had many inquiries from the parents about the admission process.  We admit children only if they are above 4 yrs. Some of the parents, who couldn’t get the admission last year due to the age of their child, didn’t […]

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Newsletter Jan-June 2019

“There are moments that will make your life worth living for… watching  the joy on the faces of the 50 odd kids and their teachers move into a new campus is certainly one such moment. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity to the greater triumphs and achievements that […]

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Newsletter June-Dec 2018

New School Inauguration As we write this, we are all quite excited as 6 classrooms, office and toilets of the new school are ready! We plan to have a very simple inauguration ceremony on the 23rd of January. We would be honoured if you could join us on that day. News of the academic year […]

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